Month: August 2020

Roman Concrete

Roman Concrete Roman Concrete Construction in Omaha

Roman concrete called opus caementicium in Latin was used from the late Roman Republic until the end of the Roman Empire. It was used to build monuments, large buildings, and infrastructures such as roads and bridges. The quality of the concrete was excellent and the buildings and monuments still standing today is a testament to the strength of […]

Concrete Consolidation

Concrete Consolidation Concrete consolidation Omaha

Consolidation of concrete is the process of reducing or eliminating the volume of voids, air pockets, and entrapped air from freshly place concrete. This is usually accomplished by applying mechanical energy to the concrete. The goal when consolidating concrete is to increase the density which will result in concrete with higher compressive strength.

TR Construction

TR Construction TR Construction Office Depot Project

“Building Concrete Excellence” As a reputable business with over 25 years of concrete construction experience, TR Construction has expertise with projects large and small to include commercial building concrete, footings, paving, remove, and replacement of concrete, industrial projects, and special projects for clients. TR Construction can deliver Concrete Excellence on your next project.