Concrete Consolidation

Concrete consolidation Omaha

Consolidation of concrete is the process of reducing or eliminating the volume of voids, air pockets, and entrapped air from freshly place concrete. This is usually accomplished by applying mechanical energy to the concrete. The goal when consolidating concrete is to increase the density which will result in concrete with higher compressive strength.

Concrete Consolidation

Concrete consolidation methods include internal vibration, external vibration, and surface vibration which can be achieved by using various types of mechanically operated equipment.

Internal vibrators are the most commonly used. This piece of equipment generally consists of a steel round head with a vibrating electrical element inside that connects to an electric motor through a flexible shaft. The vibrator head is placed into the concrete at various interval spacings and depths per the designed use and concrete mix. These are typically used to consolidate concrete in foundations, walls, columns, floor slabs, and paving.

External vibrators are attached directly to formwork. These types of vibrators are best used in situations of congested formwork, heavy concentrations of reinforcing, and consolidation of stiff concrete mixes. Formwork vibration also plays an important role in manufacturing concrete pipes, masonry units, and other types of precast concrete.

Surface vibrators are located at the top of the concrete

Consolidation using surface vibrators is achieved by pulling a vibrating screed across the concrete after placement. Screed vibrators have proven effective for compaction when placing floor slabs and paving. Once properly consolidated, the resulting concrete will have increased strength, an enhanced bond with reinforcement, increased durability, decreased permeability, abrasion resistance, and minimized shrinkage.

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This industry takes a lot of heavy machinery and tough labor but it also requires as much or more planning, critical thinking, and fine touch to get a quality finished product. It is a very rewarding career and keeps you constantly on your toes being that 2 days are never the same. It is a profession that has been around for a long time and is ever-evolving and still remains a very vital staple in today’s economy.

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