Concrete Removal and Replacement

Concrete Removal and Replacement in Omaha, NE

At TR Construction, we specialize in providing comprehensive concrete tear-out and replacement services. Our expertise lies in the demolition/removal and replacement of concrete driveways, paving, parking lots, sidewalks, and slabs. When it’s time to revamp your concrete surfaces, trust us for quality craftsmanship and a seamless process.

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Our Concrete Tear-Out and Replacement Services

Concrete Driveway Tear Out and Replacement

Is your driveway showing signs of wear and tear? We offer expert concrete driveway removal and replacement to enhance the curb appeal and functionality of your property.

Concrete Parking Lots Removal and Replacement

For businesses and commercial properties, we deliver top-notch concrete parking lot removal and replacement services to ensure a safe and durable parking area.

Building Slab Concrete Demolition and Replacement

Need to update your building’s concrete slab? We can efficiently handle the demolition and replacement, ensuring structural integrity and longevity.

Removal and Replacement of Concrete Sidewalk and Patching

Our team specializes in the removal and replacement of concrete sidewalks, making them safer and more attractive. We also offer patching services to address minor issues.

Why Choose TR Construction?

Demolition Expertise

Our skilled team is experienced in safe and efficient concrete tear-out processes.

Quality Workmanship

We use high-quality materials for replacement, ensuring the longevity of your new concrete surfaces.


Whether it’s driveways, parking lots, slabs, or sidewalks, we have the expertise to handle various concrete tear-out and replacement projects.

Local Focus

We understand the specific needs of the Omaha area and tailor our services accordingly.

TR Concrete Construction

As a reputable concrete company in Omaha with over 25 years of commercial concrete construction experience, TR Construction has expertise with projects large and small. We are your trusted Omaha concrete contractors with services that include commercial building concrete, footings, paving, removal and replacement of concrete, industrial projects, commercial snow removal, and special projects for clients.

Trust TR Construction to deliver Concrete Excellence on your next project.