Parking Lot Removal and Replacement at Elkhorn School

removal and replacement

TR Concrete Construction worked on the removal and replacement of an 18,000-square-foot parking lot at an elementary school in Elkhorn, Nebraska. Take an inside look at the project timeline, equipment and technology, and dedicated crew.

Parking Lot Removal and Replacement at Elkhorn School

During the 2021 summer break, concrete construction crews were busy pouring back a parking lot for an Elkhorn Public Schools elementary school. It was about 18,000 square feet, 350 yards of concrete.

“We’re pouring at all back in one shot,” explained Todd Remmereid, owner of TR Concrete Construction.

Parking Lot Project Timeline

Beginning at 5 a.m. on the day of the concrete pour, the crew got an early start. They wrapped up about 8 to 10 hours later the same day.

“We started, we did the tear-out about two days ago, so in and out in a couple of days” said Remmereid. Minimizing the amount of time and impact on the normal operations of the school was a priority.

Two days earlier, the parking lot removal, also known as tear-out, was completed in about a day. That was followed by prepping for the pour. Removal and replacement of the concrete was also slated for the back parking lot, another 45,000 square feet.

Equipment and Experienced Crew

A variety of big equipment filled the site of this concrete construction project.

“We bring a lot of horsepower to the game. We’ve got excellent equipment. You can see in the background we’ve got our laser screed striking off the concrete,” added Remmereid.

It takes a talented team to make everything run smoothly. About 15 concrete finishers work to complete the parking lot removal and replacement project.

Building Relationships

“There’s quite a bit of work going on here with Elkhorn Schools,” explained Remmereid. “We’re really grateful to have a longstanding relationship with Elkhorn Schools. We think we attribute it to getting in, getting our work done, and getting back out.”

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