Safety First

Safety at TR Construction

Omaha Concrete Contractors

At TR Construction, Safety First is our top priority. We strive to protect every employee from injury every day and on every project. We continue to make improvements and enhance our safety program to ensure that we maintain a safe place to work in these ever-changing times.

Each Project is evaluated to ensure that the proper steps are in place specific to the project and to our company and client guidelines.  Our continued effort is to conduct work in a safe and responsible manner to protect our workforce, our customers, and the general public.

Proper Protection

TR Construction has a 100% hardhat and glasses policy, which is strictly enforced at all times.  In addition, we promote 100% high visibility attire and we are in compliance with all safety requirements per project.

Delivering Training Through Tool Box Talks /  Meetings

All TR Construction employees participate in weekly training and information sessions called Tool Box Talks. Sessions focus on timely topics affecting safety in the construction industry.  In addition, periodic safety training seminars are provided to all employees, and our fleet of trucks is provided with all DOT Safety guidelines and compliance.

When you need an experienced concrete company in Omaha, NE to complete your construction project safely and on time, contact TR Construction