Snow and Ice Management: Commercial Properties

Snow and Ice Management

Commercial snow management is important for commercial properties when the weather conditions turn. Snow and ice can present an unnecessary hazard to employees and customers if you don’t hire commercial snow and ice management services in time for the winter season. Here is everything you should know about the basics of snow and ice management for commercial properties. In this article, we also discuss how to choose a reliable snow removal contractor.

Omaha Snow and Ice Management: Commercial Properties

What is Snow & Ice Management?

Snow and ice management uses a mixture of snow plowing equipment and de-icing chemicals. When Midwest winter weather strikes, snow removal operators will remove snow in places where it can be a potential danger. Although many people love snow, nobody wants the snow to cost their business thousands of dollars in repairs or accident claims.

Why is Snow & Ice Management Important?

Snow and ice management helps ensure the safety of both employees and customers. Failing to manage winter storm conditions can lead to physical injuries, vehicle accidents, and even structural damage to your property.

For Omaha businesses, snow and ice management is also part of annual corporate responsibility to the community and environment. Companies should make sure their snow and ice management is done sustainably.

What is Sustainable Snow Management?

Don’t just pick any snow management contractor. Sustainability is important, both for your company and the environment. Sustainable snow management practices include the use of non-toxic chemicals that won’t cause harm to people, animals, the environment, or the property.

Older, non-sustainable de-icing chemicals contained ingredients such as antifreeze. However, modern de-icing chemicals contain less toxic ingredients that will not harm the environment. Make sure your ice management contractor cares about the environment just as much as you do.

What is Used for Commercial De-icing?

Commercial de-icing uses chemicals that will have a minimal impact on the environment. Environmentally responsible methods of de-icing rely on mixtures of salt and chlorine over heavy chemicals like antifreeze. Does your snow and ice removal contractor advertise as sustainable? If so, they should be able to provide you with a full list of what they will use on the job.

How Do You Choose a Snow Management Contractor?

There are many snow and ice management contractors in the Omaha area. Yet, this doesn’t mean all companies are worth hiring for your commercial de-icing needs.

Choose a snow and ice management contractor with:

  • High-rated service
  • Provable certification
  • Professional communication

Commercial de-icing puts a lot of trust in the company that you hire. If your contractor can prove good service with high-rated reviews and certification, they are more likely to be on the nice list. However, if your contractor has bad (or zero) reviews, can’t provide paperwork, or refuses to provide all the information about the job, they might go on the not-so-nice list instead.

What is ISO Certification?

ISO Certification is a label that you will see on some snow contractor websites. For commercial reasons, ISO Certification guarantees that their equipment and products have been tested and meet safety standards.

How important is ISO Certification?

Professional, registered contractors are more likely to provide this certification. However, unprofessional contractors with little experience are less likely to have this certification.

What Are Signs of a Bad Contractor?

Contractors aren’t all created alike. For every registered business, there is also a scam or low-quality contractor who will cut corners (or just run off with your cash). Signs of a bad contractor include not providing information when you ask, inability to give feedback on time, and failing to adhere to environmentally friendly standards.

What Are Signs of a Good Contractor?

Reliable snow management contractors will provide quotes in a timely manner, and will always communicate with the client about the job at hand.

Does your contractor ignore your correspondence for days or weeks? If so, that’s a good reason to find a new snow and ice management company. Registered snow and ice removal contractors are backed by reviews and as good as an open book.

Choosing a Snow Removal Service in Omaha, NE for Your Property

Choose the best snow removal contractor for your needs (or snow and ice management could cost you more!).

If you want your customers and employees to stay safe during the winter, snow and ice management is an essential service that you can’t afford to go without.

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