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As a leading concrete company in Omaha, NE with over 25 years of experience, TR Construction has expertise with projects large and small including commercial building concrete, footings, paving, removal, and replacement of concrete, industrial projects, and special projects for clients. TR Construction can deliver Concrete Excellence on your next project. Contact TR Concrete Construction to learn more about our commercial concrete repair services in Omaha, NE today!

TR Construction | Commercial Concrete Repair & Replace in Omaha

We specialize in commercial and industrial concrete removal and replacement in Omaha, NE, and surrounding areas. We also specialize in concrete repair services. When it comes to concrete repair services, our #1 priority is doing quality work efficiently. We understand the importance of a business and that time is money so we work to eliminate the stem of flow in customers, productivity, and inconvenience. We get in and out so there is little to no disruption to the company.

ommercial Concrete Repair & Replace in Omaha

Recent Omaha Concrete Repair Projects

We recently completed a remove and replace concrete job at Office Depot in Omaha, NE. We tore out the old cracked weathered concrete and cleaned up the site in one day without stemming the flow of business/customers. The next day we poured it all back in two phases in order to accommodate patrons and employees to come and go and avoid shutting the front entrance.

There is a lot more that goes into pouring concrete than just showing up when the concrete trucks arrive. You have to first call in locates for that specific job site:

  • saw cut full-depth at the joints around the entire designated area
  • then mobilize heavy machinery such as drop hammers and big drills to break up the concrete
  • use skid loaders and front loaders to scoop up and dump it into a side dump truck to be hauled off and disposed of

Next, we bring in the crushed rock to build up the subgrade for an even more sturdy base to pour the concrete on. We then make forms from the lumber delivered to the desired shape on the plans.

After the concrete is poured we spray a chemical on top to help the concrete cure correctly to get a good even strength throughout with no cracks.

Next, we saw cut joints into the new concrete so if the concrete were to break or crack it will happen at the designated cuts.

After that, we will come back and clean out all debris from the newly cut joints and seal the joints with tar so no water, salt or any other eliminate seeps through compromising the integrity of the new concrete.

TR Concrete Construction in Omaha, NE

TR Concrete Construction in Omaha, NE

This industry takes a lot of heavy machinery and tough labor but it also requires as much or more planning, critical thinking, and fine touch to get a quality finished product. It is a very rewarding career and keeps you constantly on your toes being that 2 days are never the same. It is a profession that has been around for a long time and is ever-evolving and still remains a very vital staple in today’s economy.

As a reputable business with over 25 years of concrete construction experience, TR Construction has expertise with projects large and small including:

  • commercial building concrete
  • industrial and commercial footings
  • paving
  • remove, and replacement of concrete
  • industrial projects
  • special projects for clients

TR Construction can deliver Concrete Excellence on your next project. Contact us today to learn more about Omaha concrete repair, removal, and replacement by filling out a form or giving us a call at (402) 238-2599.