What is Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)?

Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Demand for a high-quality and sustainable building material has never been higher than right now. Ultra-High Performance Concrete (or UHPC) fills in the gap as a strong, more environment-friendly material. In this article, we will discuss everything you should know about UHPC as one of the best building materials on the market for sustainability and strength.

What is Ultra-High Performance Concrete (UHPC)?

An Intro to Ultra-High Performance Concrete

Ultra-High Performance Concrete is an alternative building material that can be thought of as next-level concrete due to its strength and durability. UHPC contains all the best qualities of traditional concrete, but almost none of its drawbacks. UHPC is less prone to environmental damage over time and settles faster than traditional forms of concrete. Ultra-high performance concrete also cuts project costs.

Why Choose Ultra-High Performance Concrete?

Ultra-high performance concrete is stronger than traditional, regular concrete mixtures. UHPC can handle the pressure of up to 22,000 psi. Pre-mixing specific fibers (including PVA and glass) into UHPC gives the concrete the ability to hold together more effectively. The use of UHPC is already common in more industries thanks to its durability and strength. UHPC can bring the costs of your overall building project down. Conversely, in some cases, the use of traditional concrete can cause the costs of other projects to skyrocket.

How Does UHPC Work?

UHPC is made in the same way as traditional concrete. Most brands on the market simply require mixing a powder concrete mix together with water. Individual instructions provide more information regarding the specific ratio. However, there’s one difference that separates UHPC from regular concrete. Where traditional concrete buildings require a frame, ultra-high performance concrete can hold its strength even without.

What Fiber Types Are Used for UHPC?

The different fiber types in ultra-high performance concrete are part of what enhances its tensile strength. Depending on the brand, the mix of UHPC might contain PVA, glass, carbon, or a combination of several.

What Makes UHPC Better than Traditional Concrete?

UHPC is Environmentally Friendly

Ultra-high performance concrete is better for the environment. Producing regular concrete can leave behind a huge carbon footprint. Regular concrete materials don’t move around environmental factors like heat as well, therefore, leading to more resource waste.

Not only does UHPC reduce the footprint left during construction, but UHPC is also better for the environmental friendliness of the building as well.

UHPC is Cheaper to Produce

Ultra-high performance concrete is cheaper to produce and leads to lower costs. Switching to UHPC for your building project can almost guarantee saving money on your final quote.

UHPC is Stronger

Simple concrete slabs can handle the pressure of up to 5,000 psi. Compare this to ultra-high performance concrete, which is measured at a strength of 17,000 to 22,000 psi.

Judging the compressive strength of UHPC, it’s not difficult to see why professionals consider this type of concrete the new market standard for better building.

UHPC is More Durable

Ultra-high performance concrete has enhanced durability. Constructions made from UHPC can last much longer than ones made from traditional concrete.

UHPC is Time-Saving

UHPC is made to be stronger and last longer than traditional concrete. However, there’s one more aspect that makes it worth your consideration. UHPC dries faster than traditional concrete. As a result, building times can be cut drastically.

UHPC is Recyclable

Traditional concrete has finite recyclability, whereas UHPC can be put through the cycle several times. This only further helps to reduce its overall carbon footprint. When its lifespan has reached the end, UHPC can be used as part of a mixture that completes roads.

UHPC is Easier to Work With

With UHPC there is no need to frame under the bulk of your construction.


After all, it is called ultra-high performance concrete! UHPC is one of the best alternatives to traditional concrete in almost every way you can think of.

The use of UHPC can reduce building costs, and guarantee sustainable and environmentally friendly buildings for years to come.

Why settle for regular concrete when there are better and cheaper options out there that can guarantee better and stronger results? Consider UHPC for your next project and see how much better it goes.

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